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Learn you are the reason chords

Important Details Original Key- BbTransposed To- ACapo – 1st FretTemp-Tuning- EADGBE  Difficulty- Intermediate Intro [A] [G/A] [D] [A/C#] Verse 1 [A] There goes my [G/A] heart beating[D] And you are the [A/C#] reason[A] I’m losing my [G/A] sleep[D] Please come [A] back now Pre-Chorus [E] There goes my [D] mind racing[A] And you are the [E/G#]…

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chord coldplay the scientist

Important InformationKey- D minorTemp- 73 BPMTuning- EADGBE Capo- No                                                                                   Difficulty- Intermediate IntroDm  Bb  F  Fsus2  x2 Verse IDm                  Bb                                                  FCome up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry                                           Fsus2        Dm   You…

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somewhere over the rainbow chords

Important InformationKey- G MajorTemp- 78 BPMTuning- EADGBE  Capo- No                                                                                   Difficulty- Intermediate Original Strumming Pattern Note- On the first down strum play only base notes and play 5th down strum muted Alternate Strumming Pattern Intro 1G/D    D     Em     C/EG/D    D     Em     C/EC            C Intro 2G     Bm   …

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summer of 69 chords- bryan adams

Important InformationKey- D MajorTemp- 138 BPMTuning- EADGBE  Capo- No  Difficulty- Intermediate Strumming Pattern IntroD Verse 1D  I got my first real six-stringA  Bought it at the five-and-dimeD  Played it ’til my fingers bledA  It was the summer of ’69 Verse 2D  Me and some guys from schoolA  Had a band and we tried real hardD  Jimmy quit, Jody got marriedA  I shoulda known we’d never…

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