Wonderful Tonight Chords

Important Information

Key- G Major
Tempo- 190 BPM
Tuning- EADGBE
Capo- No                                                     
Difficulty- Easy


G D C D    x2

Verse 1

G                    D
It’s late in the evening

C                       D             G
She’s wondering’ what clothes to wear

She puts on her make-up, and

 C           D
brushes her long blonde hair

Refrain 1

C             D        G      D        Em
And then she asked me, Do I look alright?

            C             D
And I said, Yes, you look wonderful tonight


G D C D   x2

Verse 2

G            D    C              D
We go to a party, and everyone turns to see

G                 D  C                D
This beautiful lady, who’s walking around with me

Refrain 2

C               D     G        D       Em
And then she asked me, Do you feel alright?

            C           D            G G7
And I said, Yes, I feel wonderful tonight


       C           D              G
I feel wonderful because I see the love

     D        Em
light in your eyes

         C           D                C
And the wonder of it all, is that you just

don’t realize how much I love you


G D C D   x2

Verse 3

G                 D      C                   D
It’s time to go home now, and I’ve got an aching head

     G           D            C               D
So I give her the car key, and she helps me to bed

Refrain 3

C                D   G      D            Em
And then I tell her, as I turn off the lights

           C                 D                G D C D
I said, My darling, you are wonderful tonight

         C               D
Oh.. my darling you are wonderful tonight


G D C D   x2

Wonderful Tonight Chords in Depth Detail

Wonderful Tonight is a popular song by Eric Clapton, released in 1977 on his album “Slowhand”. The song is a ballad with a slow and romantic feel, and it is often played at weddings and other special events.

The song is in the key of G major, which means that the chords are based on the G major scale. The chords for the verse are G, D, C, and D, which are all basic open chords that can be played on the guitar.

The strumming pattern for the verse is usually a simple down-up pattern, with a slightly longer pause on the last D chord to lead into the chorus.

 Ⅰ           Ⅴ             Ⅳ             Ⅴ

G   D           C            D

The chorus chords are C, D, G, D, and Em. The Am7 and G/B chords add some variation and interest to the chord progression, but they can be replaced with regular A minor and G chords if you prefer.

The strumming pattern for the chorus is often a bit more complex than the verse, with more emphasis on the bass notes and some syncopation to match the vocal melody.

Ⅳ    Ⅴ     Ⅰ     Ⅴ     ⅵ     Ⅳ    Ⅴ

C    D    G D Em  C   D

The bridge chords are Em, D, C, and G for the first half, and then Em, D, C, and D for the second half.

The bridge provides a nice contrast to the verse and chorus, with a slightly more upbeat feel and a different chord progression.

Overall, “Wonderful Tonight” is a fairly simple song to play on the guitar, and the chord progression is easy to follow. However, the song’s popularity and sentimental value make it a classic that is beloved by many.

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